April Weddings

Here are a few photos from my most recent (and first in April) wedding ceremony. We are really getting a jump on the wedding season here in Utah, with a total of 4 weddings and handfastings in April alone! I can't wait to see what May and June bring!

This wedding was a sweet young couple who are related to a couple that I did a wedding ceremony for back in March of 2006. Every now and then, such as the ceremony this weekend, I get the great joy of seeing couples and family members from previous years' weddings. Weddings are an intimate and yet simultaneously public ceremony, and it is my honor and pleasure to be able to come to know a set of families through a wedding.

Even though I am normally only working with a couple for a few days at most, I try to give a sense of warmth and friendship to the interactions that we have, and to come to the couple as a sort of tabula rasa. I see it as my job to be there completely for the couple, and to support them in their joining as the person who is most interested in what the couple needs and wants for their ceremony. I try to treat the couple as if they were my own cherished family members. You may see this type of photo below referred to in my stream as my "book" photo. Every time I do a wedding, I print out a photo of myself with the couple and add it to my book of ceremonies. I love looking back through my book at the ceremonies and remembering what made each one special and unique.

Congratulations, Joe and Samra!