Taurus Wedding

April 2008 Wedding
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My final wedding in April took place in Memory Grove park this Tuesday night.

I presented the bride and groom with a keepsake wedding chart, and spoke with them regarding the "sun sign" of their marriage.

Although June is a traditional month for weddings, astrologically speaking, the sun sign of Taurus (April 21-May 22) is a great time for marriages. Taurus lends a great, earthy strength to weddings performed under this sign. Taurean marriages may be characterized by the willingness of both parties to work hard for their home and material comforts. The earth energies of Taurus can also lend a sense of comfort and stability to the partnership. One pitfall to watch out for is a tendency toward stubbornness when it comes to matters concerning the home and material possessions! Overall though, a Taurean wedding is usually assured of a loving and long-lasting relationship!