Impromptu Weddings

Although they are called by many names, elopements, last-minute weddings, drive-through weddings, and many other terms both respectful and not so much, what I call "Impromptu Weddings" are more common than people may imagine, and actually have their own charm. There is often a sense of giddy excitement to an impromptu wedding, a charged atmosphere and a sense of elation when it is done.

This is not to say that the carefully planned and meticulously orchestrated weddings do not have their own charm, indeed they do. However, the sort of sparkling energy that comes in an impromptu ceremony can also be very appealing.

There are as many reasons for a last-minute wedding as there are couples on the earth. Some of the more common reasons include medical emergencies, military assignments, health insurance concerns, and yes, even death and taxes. Some long-term couples just "decide" one day to formalize a bond held for years, and some very short term engagements can result in a quick trip to the County Clerk's office. Despite the negativity often associated with impromptu weddings, I have seen little evidence that couples who choose quick weddings have any less of a chance long-term than a couple who have planned theirs out for a year or more. The main factor for success in my opinion resides in the ways that the couple can communicate and connect deeply.
As long as the couple truly love each other and are willing to work on everything else, an impromptu wedding is no curse.