Recent wedding photos

Here are just a few photos of some of my most recent weddings.

First up, a St. Patrick's Day wedding:

St. Patrick's Day Wedding
This wedding ended up being a little impromptu, but everything turned out great for the re-married bride and groom. They had been married previously and were giving it a new go. The bride wanted a "Cinderella" ceremony, complete with the groom putting on her "glass slipper".

Goth Wedding
This "gothic" themed wedding / handfasting was one of several that I have done for the same family over the years, and it is always wonderful to see everyone again. Since I've been friends with a member of their family for nearly twenty years now, every wedding I do for them is like coming back to a wonderful family reunion. Love you guys!

Celtic Handfasting Wedding

This beautiful fairy-themed Celtic handfasting was a joy and a delight to perform. The setting was perfect and the weather was beautiful. The bride and groom had put SO much thought and work into making the ceremony be exactly the way they envisioned, even down to building a custom crescent-moon shaped table for the altar.